Interactive Design, A Definition

Posted on March 17, 2011


Their exists many different and varying definitions of what interaction means, one such definition comes from Sharp, Rodgers and Preece, who say Inter-actives are “products to support people in their everyday lives”. Another definition might be that they are programs that respond to user activity. Interaction and its definition as is seem in the contrast of the above two definitions, is very much dependent on one’s point of view and context. At the heart of Interactive Design is trying to create content filled websites or applications that are able information and data in such a way to the end user that it becomes knowledge and understood in a deep and meaningful way. To achieve this Interactive designers create logical interface by use of buttons or handles that make the information easy to understand. However, it is equally important that inter-actives are easily understood in terms of their navigation and how the end user is meant to use the interactive. No matter how good your interactive is in terms of making it easier for information to be absorbed as knowledge, if the end user is not easily and naturally able to understand how to use it, it is pointless. This is the fine line that interactive designers tread.